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Function/Dept/Unit Phone Title/Rank Name Email
Abandoned Vehicles 925-931-5277            
Administration 925-931-5200
Anonymous Tip Line 925-931-5252
Career Hotline 925-931-5056
Crime Prevention 925-931-5295 Officer Limon, Monique
Crime Prevention 925-931-5242            Community Service Officer Revel-Whitaker, Shannon
Fax 925-931-5480
Graffiti Hotline 925-931-5253
Investigations 925-931-5234
Investigations and Support Services Division Commander 925-931-5115 Captain Eicher, Craig
Investigations Supervisor 925-931-5193            Sergeant Cox, Larry
Patrol Operations Division Commander 925-931-5118            Captain Bretzing, Jeff          
Personnel and Training 925-931-5210           
Property/Evidence Clerk 925-931-5157
Records/Non-Emergency 925-931-5100
Traffic Unit Supervisor 925-931-5258 Sergeant Sarasua, Benjamin
Volunteers 925-931-5235            Sergeant Fragomeli, Julie
Youth and Community Services (YCSU) Supervisor 925-931-5235 Sergeant Fragomeli, Julie

Looking to contact a particular police officer? Please call the Pleasanton Police Department at 925-931-5100 to be connected to their voicemail system.

All department employees can be emailed using their first initial and full last name